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Meet Rebecca Lloyd Garrison

I’ve been studying movement all my life. From childhood into young adulthood I was a dancer. I attended Walnut Hill and graduated from Boston Conservatory in 2005. In college I herniated a disc and discovered Pilates to rehab. While living in New York City and dancing professionally, I pursued my Pilates certification and attained it in 2006. I was lucky enough to be certified under the tutelage of the late great Bob Liekens while he was at Power Pilates. New York gave me the privilege of getting to know and learning from many wonderful 2nd generation classical teachers and to teach clients myself for years at the Equinox at Columbus Circle. 


In 2008, I moved back to Boston to dance with Prometheus. I began working at Boston Pilates in Jamaica Plain and later become the owner of that studio for 10 years. Leading that studio, I was graced with teaching hundreds of wonderful clients who taught me more than I dreamed possible about the beauty of the human body, the immense healing power of movement, the gift of the mind-body connection and elevation of spirt that comes with feeling at home in your body. 


Over those years I honed my compassion, my gratitude, my patience and my certainty that moving can make what ails you better. I passionately believe that everyone deserves to move and cultivate a sense of calm and equilibrium inside themselves. I landed in Lincoln, Rhode Island in 2019. I love the community here and look forward to growing my roots in this magical place.


Pilates is for every body but its not for everybody. There are many ways to be fit and many ways to take care of your body. Pilates is my personal foundation for happiness. It has seen me through injuries, back surgery, growing babies, children, weight gain, weight loss, mental health struggles and always brought me to a better place. I’d love to help you learn more about this exquisite system to help you feel renewed, restored and aligned. 

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